Can I Sue for Medication Errors? Nursing Home Abuse

Almost every nursing home resident is on some form of medication. As a result, staff must take extra caution to make sure that every resident gets their correct medication, at the right time, and in the correct dosage. Medication errors can often lead to medical emergencies, catastrophic reactions and even death such as in the case of anaphylaxis that is not treated in a timely manner. Medication errors are usually due to human error and should never happen if staff is properly trained, and if there is a sufficient number of staff members at nursing homes to dole out medication to residents. Medication errors at nursing homes that lead to health complications are compensable when you file a nursing home negligence lawsuit in order to collect money damages for the wrongdoing of the staff and management of nursing homes.

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Here are the major categories of medication errors

  1. Rule Based Errors – This, for instance, happens when a nursing home staff member ignores medication standard best practices and administers said medication in an incorrect manner
  2. Knowledge Based Errors – This happens when a staff member has no knowledge due to not doing due diligence or due to someone else’s negligence, of the resident’s special needs or allergies.
  3. Memory Based Errors – This can occur when an aide doesn’t record the administration of medication in a proper manner, or forgets to do so altogether, and then this carried on by another nursing home assistant.
  4. Action Based Errors – This can happen for instance when an nursing home aide picks up the wrong medication, or misinterprets the same incorrectly when they access the log, or not paying attention when reading the prescription instructions.

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Medication errors usually signal a larger administrative problem at a nursing home, understaffing, poor training and in some rare cases, malice on the part of the nursing home worker. It is important to note that nursing home workers and management are trusted to care for the welfare of senior citizens who are largely unable to care for themselves, so any kind of negligence shouldn’t be taken lying down. If you or a loved one had their duty of care breached by nursing home workers or administration leading to serious medication errors, you may be able to file a medication errors nursing home negligence lawsuit. Please call us NOW at (773) 309-6249 for more information on how to get started. Thanks, and we look forward to helping you.