Can You Get Federal Disability Retirement Benefits for a Psychiatric Illness?

Mental illness is a taboo topic in our society as well as work places. Unfortunately, people still have archaic views on what constitutes mental illness as well as how people afflicted by this disease look or act like. If you’re a federal worker afflicted by a condition such as major depressive disorder or bipolar disorder, you will undoubtedly find it hard to get along with your co-workers on your down days, as well as perform your work responsibilities in a reliable manner.

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Inform OPM of Your Intent Early

No attorney can guarantee that you’re going to get federal disability retirement benefits off the fact that you have a psychiatric illness. According to the law, there are certain conditions you must meet in order to be eligible. Before we go deep into what these conditions are, it is important to let your supervisor know in advance that you are planning on applying for this program so that they are able to inform OPM of your intentions in a timely manner. There is a window within which you will be able to apply for federal disability retirement, and it is a small one so it’s in your best interests to act fast.

Here are some of the common, debilitating mental illnesses for which you may qualify:

  1. Bipolar disorder – People with this condition may become unpredictable and suffer from explosive anger outbursts time and time again, creating a hostile work environment for other workers. This will eventually make it hard for them to cooperate and collaborate with other workers which will eventually affect their work output.
  2. Major depressive disorder – People diagnosed with this disease may find it hard to perform at a certain level because of missing out on work days because they are too depressed to show up to work. In addition, they may have a negative outlook on life and may not be as receptive to their supervisor’s suggestions, which will in time affect performance.
  3. PTSD- Post Traumatic Stress Disorder affects people who may have experienced unsettling events such as being in a war or witnessing a horrific accident or murder. They may not be able to be fully present at work due to the many flashbacks they experience multiple times a day, making it hard to impossible to perform at a certain work level.

How to Qualify for Federal Disability Retirement

In order to qualify for federal disability retirement, you must provided your agency or the OPM with a letter of notice informing them of your intent to retire due to your disability within one year of leaving your job, or better still, while still working. In addition, you must have completed 18 months of service under FERS, or 5 years under the Civil Retirement Service System. You must also be able to show that your condition rendered you unstable, making it hard or impossible to continue working; this is where a detailed psychologist’s or psychiatrist’s report comes handy. That being said, your physician must state that your disability is likely to last a year or indefinitely.

We’re Here To Help

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