Car Accident But No Injuries? Here’s Why You Must See an Attorney

Statistics state that the average American will get into 4 accidents in their lifetime. This means that a lot of us will have to contend with the aftereffects of an accident and even suffer serious injuries, some of which may disable us, permanently or temporarily. Even when you’re a good driver, you’re bound to come across people that just don’t want to play by the rules: distracted drivers, drunk drivers, teenage drivers and so on can turn a great week into one of the worst weeks of your life due to their negligent actions. If a driver bumps into your car, side-swipes it, rear-ends you, or you suffer an T-bone accident but get away from the scene of the accident with no injuries, should you still seek legal help even if you weren’t injured?

Were you in a car accident that resulted in no injuries? You might wonder if and why you should file a car accident lawsuit if there were no injuries. The truth is, car accidents are complex events that are best left to legal professionals, physicians and law enforcement to figure out. So many car accident consequences may show up weeks or months later, so don’t consider letting the whole thing go and just contacting the insurance company: call us NOW at 1 (773) 825-3547 to learn more about your legal options and how much you may qualify if you have a valid claim, and why it’s absolutely vital that you have an attorney on hand after your no contact car accident. The call is free, and there’s no obligation to have us take on your case.

What To Do In A Car Accident No Injuries – First Steps To Take

Even if you were in a car accident with no injuries, it is vital that you seek legal help since this will first and foremost help you recover compensation for property damage. You may need to take your car to the body shop and have parts repaired or replaced, or if the damage is too great resulting in a totaled car, have the whole vehicle replaced for a new one. In order for this to be done, you’ll work with us, your best car accident attorneys to contact the at-fault motorist’s insurance company so they’re notified of the property damage and their insurance adjuster can get started on determining your payout. Insurance adjusters, true to form, will try to nickel and dime you by dictating the choice of car repair shop, contesting the itemized quote for the repair, and electing to only do certain repairs. This is perhaps why you need your best accident attorneys on your side as we’ll help you get the best service for your vehicle or engage the insurance company in negotiations for a reasonable settlement on your behalf.

No Injury Car Accident Compensation – A Possibility Due to Delayed Injuries

Yet another reason why you should see a best car crash lawyer after your accident regardless of the fact that you never suffered injuries is because injuries can be delayed. Pain after car accident delayed is a common complaint of victims who think they are OK until weeks or months down the line when they develop a chronic pain condition that may seem to come out of nowhere. The human body is mysterious, and after trying to repair tissue or internal injuries and failing, it may notify you of the same by via chronic pain so you can pay attention and do something about it.

If you didn’t go to doctor after car accident, don’t worry: as long as you’re within the statute of limitations which is 2 years, you can still file a claim as long as you do it as soon as you start experiencing these delayed symptoms after your car accident. Physicians are aware of this phenomenon, and whenever there’s pain, there’s usually an injury that can be seen by way of CT scans and X-Rays which can help diagnose the exact cause of the condition. We can then use your medical record to build a case on your behalf which we will then present to the other party’s insurance company for negotiations, failure to which we will take said case to trial.

Best Car Accident Attorneys – Contact Us Today!

There’s so much we haven’t talked about in this post; if you were in an accident yet you suffered no injuries, don’t make the mistake of not contacting a best accident attorney: we will help you see the bigger picture and determine whether you may have suffered injuries that will only become apparent weeks or months later. Call us NOW at 1 (773) 825-3547 to learn more about the legal process behind filing a claim after a car accident in Illinois. Thanks, and we look forward to hearing from you.