Casino cases

Our office has represented dozens of people who have been injured in casinos.  Between Indiana and Illinois, as well as Michigan and Wisconsin, our region has many casinos willing to take your money.  Casinos also tend to be poorly run and maintained, resulting in injuries.  Some of the cases we have handled successfully include slip and falls.  It is surprising how many people slip and fall at casinos.  Other of our clients have been injured by defective doors.  We have had several clients who have been burned by hot coffee or food from a casino server.  Many casinos operate shuttle services to transport people to and from the casino.  There have been several accidents where our clients have been on a shuttle bus which has been in an accident.  One of our clients has hit as a pedestrian in the parking lot by a shuttle van for the casino.  Finally, we have represented several clients who have stayed at casino run hotels who have also sustained injury.  For whatever reason, casinos seem to have a large percentage of people injured at their facilities.  The insurance companies for the casinos are tough, and they do not like to pay our settlements, just as casinos like to take your money but they are unhappy when you win.  Casinos and insurance companies have a lot in common.  But our firm has developed a strong reputation with the casinos and their insurance companies on the basis iof our long track record of success.  We’re happy to discuss a casino injury at a no obligation consultation, so contact us to today!