Chicago Now #1 City for Bedbugs

It’s not New York. It’s not Cincinnati, last year’s winner.  This year, pest-control company Orkin awarded Chicago the dubious honor of being the top US city for bedbug infestations.

Bedbugs are tiny and difficult to see, but they live in mattresses and other fabric-covered furniture, and leave painful, itchy bites. They are notoriously difficult to get rid of, and infest rich and poor, clean and dirty houses alike. Bedbugs can be brought into a home inside new or used furniture, clothing, stuffed toys, or other items. Their victims often suffer nightmares and psychological stress  as well as physical discomfort.

But bedbugs aren’t just a problem at home. Hotels and movie theaters, in particular, are common sites of bedbug infestation. If you’ve been the victim of bedbug bites or infestation as the result of a hotel stay, movie seat, or furniture purchase, you may be entitled to damages and compensation.

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