Child drowns at Bridgeview public pool-who is to blame?

Tragedy struck in Bridgeview On June 17, 2014 when a six-year-old child drown in the shallow end of a public pool. There were 300 people in the pool including 10 chaperones.  How could this happen?  The short answer is that it shouldn’t have happened if lifeguards and chaperones and the organization sponsoring the pool outing were not negligent.  Negligence is when people fail to do what a reasonable person would have done.

The grief-stricken parents have a legal remedy for the death of their child.  While no amount of money replaces the life of their child, an attorney can help prevent something like this happening again.  The law firm of McCready Law has represented many families who have had children injured or killed due to negligence.  To learn more about the work we have done to increase safety in our community, contact us at 773-779-9885.