Child Safety And Car Accidents In Indiana

Car Accidents

Statistics state that car accidents are the leading cause of death for children between 1 and 14. In addition, 10 children are killed every day in car accidents. This is something that can be prevented if we as a people paid more attention to child car safety.

Car accidents affect different people in different ways. Due to the smaller weight and build of children, as well as undeveloped body parts and organs such as the brain, a catastrophic accident can lead to serious health complications that may actually stunt the growth of the child in question permanently.

One tip that helps a lot is to always strap your child into the car seat regardless of whether you’re going down to the corner mall or halfway across the country. It is estimated that car accidents happen within a 10-mile radius of one’s home, meaning that safety should always be a priority for you and your family at all times and distances.

Here are a few safety tips to keep your children safe on Indiana roads:

  • Always place young children in rear facing seats before strapping them in. this is because the front-facing position may lead to your child sustaining spinal injuries should you get involved in an accident. In addition, always leave your kids in the back as the front seat may put them at a risk of being thrown out of the car through the windshield window during an accident.
  • It is important to minimize distractions and sibling rivalry in the car so that you’re able to drive and get to your destination in peace. To this end, you should consider buying your children engaging toys, tablets or installing a TV so they can be kept busy, quiet and entertained for the duration of the journey.
  • Always lock the doors from the central computer on the dashboard the minute you’ve strapped your kids into their seats. Keep an eye on them so they don’t attempt to fiddle with the locks or window buttons. Should they do so, come up with a punishment and reward system to reinforce compliance.

Indiana Car Accident Attorney Help

Sometimes, you can take all the safety precautions to keep your children safe but still end up in an accident in Indiana. This is usually caused by another distracted, drunk, fatigued or aggressive driver. Other times, it could be due to a defective vehicle or car seat. Whatever it could be, we’re here to help. Please call us today on 877-561-3004 for your free consultation so we can determine the real cause of your Indiana accident and determine if you can sue for money damages. Thanks, and we look forward to hearing from you.