Child Safety Recall Roundup For 2016

Your child’s safety should take a front seat at all times. Unfortunately, errant manufacturers, thinking only of their bottom line, throw this aspect out of the window, jeopardizing your little one’s health and well-being. Thanks to information provided by the Consumer Product Safety Commission, we’ve been able to compile a list of safety recalls that were put out this year.

Britax B-Safe Car Seats

January saw Britax recall its car seats because the seat’s carry handle has the potential to crack and break which may lead to the seat to fall at any given time. This defect is said to affect over 75,890 car seats in the U.S. and Mexico.

Chillafish Recall

In February, Chillafish recalled its children’s bikes because overinflated tires could lead to wheel rims cracking, sending pieces of plastic rim in the air and possibly injuring the child on the bike or the people around it.

Britax B-Ready Strollers

Britax recalled its B-Ready Strollers as well as replacement top seats due the foam-constructed padding being able to come off in pieces should the child chew on it, posing a choking hazard to the toddler.

Cheryl & Co.

Cheryl recalled its Cheryl’s Jingle Bells due to the presence of sharp metal edges on the decorative cutouts which could lacerate children and other individuals.

IKEA Recall

IKEA Recalled its Lattjo Tongue drums and drumstick sets since the rubber ball on the drumstick could detach, possibly turning into a choking hazard for children.

Lorax Recall

The Lorax live baby video monitor has been recalled because of burn hazard. The batteries which come with the device have been shown to overheat, swell and pop out of their compartment, posing a burn risk to users. The affected units were sold between May 2013 to April of this year, and the model numbers that were affected are WL4320, WL3520, and WL3401.

Summer Infant

In October, Summer Infant recalled Lil’ Luxuries infant bath tubs because of the detachment risk of the product’s sling, leading to possible child drowning if left unattended.

Defective Product Lawyer Help

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