Civil Justice “Reform” Contact Your Legislator

Every day there is something in the news about our new President.  What gets lost is the fact that Republicans control two branches of government.  Our Founding Fathers devised a brilliant form of government with checks and balances, so no single branch could become too powerful.  This system has worked well for 230 years.


The Republican Congress and Republican President have many items on their agenda.  This article does not pass judgment on them and it is not my intent to be political.  But, I do want to make you aware of certain changes they have proposed which impact the civil justice system.  The civil justice system impacts the ability of ordinary citizens like you and me to bring a legal case for damages when you have been harmed.  You are receiving this email because you are a past client or have contacted my office about a potential case.


Republicans have introduced bills in Congress, and the President has indicated he supports the bills, which impact the ability of people to bring legal cases or their right to make a recovery.  You may think, “what does this have to do with me?”  Well, you won’t realize the impact until you call me with a case and I have to explain that the law prohibits or limits your right of recovery.  So, I want to take the time to explain a few of the proposed laws and suggest what you can do.

There have been bills introduced which limit the amount people can recover if they are the victim of medical malpractice.  As introduced, no matter how seriously you have been injured, you would be limited to recovering $250,000 for the changes in your life.  Can you imagine being confined to a wheelchair, or worse, and being limited to $250,000, no matter how egregious the mistake by the doctor or hospital?  There are bills which limit the rights of the elderly who are abused in nursing homes.  There are bills which limit the right to recover for dangerous and harmful pharmaceutical drugs.  All of these suggested changes to the civil justice system are to “help businesses,” but come at the expense of my clients, people like you and me.


Most people have never contacted their elected representatives about legislation.  But, your Senators and Representatives do listen to their constituents.  I urge you to take a minute or two to click the links below.  I’m making it really easy for you and if each if you contact your state representative, it will make a difference.  Simply click here and enter your zip code and it will open an email dialogue to your Congressman and suggest language to send him or her.  It also provides their phone number.  To learn more, visit Take Justice Back.  It’s a fascinating web site with stories of real people who have been impacted by changes in the law.  These are people just like you and like all of my clients.


Most of you know me well enough to know how passionate I am about the law, my clients and standing up for people who have been hurt through no fault of their own.  Please, take a minute to click the links above and make your voices heard.  It does make a difference.  Until next time, I will continue to fight for the rights of my clients.