Common Causes of Postal Worker Injuries

US postal workers deliver mail and other types of packages to over 100 million outlets each year. They form a vital part of our economy as they are the middle-men between retailers and consumers, as well as ensure that all your work-related and personal mail gets to you in a timely manner. Due to the thousands of miles they cover each year, they are exposed to a number of hazards that can easily cause accidents.

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Dog Bites

Postal workers all over the country have to contend with aggressive dogs every single day. This is especially true in areas such as Houston, Los Angeles, Cleveland and San Diego where there are a record number of dog bites. Dogs are trained to attack strangers, and postal workers, regardless of how many times they deliver mail to certain neighborhoods will always be seen as strangers by territorial dogs. Dog bites can lead to serious infections as well as the loss of body parts such as fingers, toes, ears and even lips. It is estimated that up to 6,000 postal workers face the wrath of unfriendly dogs each year, and 20 percent of the injuries from these vicious animals require treatment and sometimes, surgery.

Slip and Fall

Postal workers work in different environments that expose them to the elements. At the same time, they may not be aware of spills in darkly lit areas, as well as uneven surfaces as well as objects such as toys or balls left behind by playing children. This predisposes them to slip and fall accidents which usually have serious consequences such as broken bones, lacerations, head trauma, nerve damage and spinal injuries.

Repetitive Strain Injury

As a postal worker, you have to repeat certain movements over and over. This includes opening mailboxes, sorting mail, and carrying a heavy backpack for hours. This can put a strain on some parts of your body such as your wrist, shoulders, hips and elbows. After a while, these repetitive movements wear down cartilage and affect nerves, leading to debilitating injuries.

Legal Help for Postal Worker Injuries

As an injured postal worker, you don’t have to foot your medical bills or forego any lost wages. It is important to work with a good federal compensation attorney to make sure you’re adequately compensated for injuries you sustained in the line of duty. Don’t go it alone: call us today on 1-855-233-3002 for your free and confidential consultation. Thanks, and we look forward to serving you.