Common Reasons Why Insurance Companies Will Deny Your Injury Claim

Insurance companies make money by selling premiums that promise a payout when something bad happens to you. Insurance is almost like a safety net for the future…until it is. Many clients come to us angry and distraught because insurance company adjusters told them that their case doesn’t have merit and they would do better to settle for a lowball offer, citing various reasons to justify this figure, or even a flat-out policy payout denial.

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You Never Sought Treatment Fast Enough

One of the lines the insurance company likes to use to justify their undervaluing a claim or denying it outright is “you didn’t seek treatment fast enough”. This could be in the form of surgery, or CT and MRI scans, prescription for pain medication, and so on. Individuals who slip and fall or are injured by an appliance at work may delay when it comes to seeking medical care, in the hopes that it wasn’t that serious to warrant immediate medical attention. Many are also of the opinion that the pain they experience will go away on its own and they’ll go back to normal. According to the insurance company adjuster, your reluctance when it comes to seeking medical attention is a testament to the fact that you weren’t in fact injured, and are just trying to shake them down for some money.

You Waited Too Long to File an Injury Report

Another justification that insurance companies use to undervalue your claim or deny it is that you waited too long to report the injury and event to the relevant authorities. This is more common than you think, and many people balk and run when it comes to accidents given the guilt and shock they feel immediately after the accident and resultant injury. In addition, many may not be aware that you’re supposed to report any such events, or will try to downplay the whole thing thinking it will all blow over and they can still deal with the insurance company. As an experienced injury law firm, we’d like to ask clients to report all accidents within 7-10 days of it happening so you have written, objective evidence regarding the events that led up to your accident.

Your Injuries Aren’t That Serious

Lastly, insurance company adjusters will try to claim that your soft-tissue injuries aren’t that serious to make you qualify for a policy payout. What many of these professionals don’t realize is that soft-tissue damage may cause chronic pain as well as internal organ complications that they may not be aware of because quite simply, they are not doctors. That said, it is vital that you seek treatment even if it seems like you only got away with a bruise or a bump because body scans may reveal something more serious.

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