Compensation for Car Accident with Pre-Existing Conditions – Do You Qualify?

According to health statistics, close to 130 million Americans have a pre-existing condition which is a health issue that they are dealing with or which hasn’t resolved, even may years later due to the fact that it may be hereditary or degenerative. Auto accident happen in the tens of thousands across the country, and individuals who get hurt due to a careless driver may be wondering about whether they qualify for compensation if they got hurt while they had a pre-existing condition at the time of the accident. This is a complicated legal and insurance issue we will unpack in this post; that said, it is important to understand that if you suffered injuries after a car accident due to the negligent actions of another individual, you have every right to seek justice and compensation in the form of money damages, and we’re here to help with that.

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Compensation for Accident with Pre-Existing Conditions

According to the law, you cannot be compensated after a car accident for your pre-existing condition due to the eggshell skull rule, which requires that insurance companies and the defendant take you as-is after the accident. That said, the trauma experienced due to the accident must have in some way aggravated or made worse your pre-existing condition. Even if you feel fine, we always advise car accident victims to see a doctor so that scans can be run in order to determine your general state of health. Doctors will then write an objective medical report to show how the accident made your prior health conditions worse, and this is vital evidence that cannot be objected to by the defendant or the insurance company.

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