Compensation for Shoulder Injuries – Federal Workers’ Compensation

Postal workers have to lug pounds of letters and packages from their vans to mailboxes every day. In addition, these federal workers sometimes have to walk long distances with backpacks strapped on their shoulders or held by their sides. After some time, one’s shoulders can suffer an injury which, fortunately, is compensable under federal compensation.

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Here are some of the postal worker shoulder injuries that are work-related:

  1. Rotator cuff tear – The rotator cuff is a collection of tendons that attach your shoulder blade to the upper arm bone. These tendons have been known to weaken and snap due to overuse or the carrying of an excessive amount of packages for an extended amount of time. Diagnosis includes an MRI together with an arthrogram which involves the injection of a special dye into the shoulder area to see how severe the damage is. Treatment involves the immobility of said arm, and possibly surgery if the tear involved numerous tendons.
  2. Labral tear – This involves the tearing of the muscle which connects the distal end of your shoulder, caused by pulling, lifting or pushing. It usually presents with a dull ache and popping sound at the time of the tear. Diagnosis includes checking whether you experience pain when your extended arm is pressed down while facing resistance in the opposite direction. Treatment involves arthroscopic surgery by an orthopedic surgeon.

Federal Worker’s Compensation Legal Help for Shoulder Injuries

Shoulder injuries can limit your range of motion and make it impossible to resume working at your current position, necessitating a long convalescence period followed by work reassignment or even federal retirement. That being said, if you’re injured on the job as a federal worker, you deserve compensation. Please contact our federal workers’ compensation attorneys today on 1-855-233-3002 for more information on how we can lock in your compensation. Thanks, and we look forward to hearing from you.