Compensation Tips for Falls From Ladders at Construction Sites

Ladders are indispensable in locations such as construction sites where one may need to reach windows or locations up top in order to fix something, paint a room, hand over work implements to other workers and so on. Falls from ladders at construction sites happen all too common, and due to the environment of these places, the injuries suffered by a victim can oftentimes be catastrophic. It is not uncommon for individuals to suffer permanent disabilities, traumatic brain injury, impalement and other severe injuries that may make it virtually impossible for them to continue working in the construction industry. However, if you look closely with a pair of legal eyes, you will find that falls from ladders at construction sites can be attributed to the negligence of a third party and therefore, such injuries may be compensable as per the law.

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The building and construction industry is fraught with risks due to the number of things that can go wrong, and the fact that heavy objects, dangerous equipment and many individuals work in the same space. Therefore, construction foremen or supervisors are required to follow OSHA safety guidelines at all times, and every single day. This usually includes making sure that you have harnesses for your work that are operational and not worn out, inspecting ladders on a regular basis to make sure that they are not rickety, replacing worn out ladders, and instructing new workers on the how to safely use them.

Statistics from the CDC state that 81 percent of ER injuries that involve falling off something have a ladder involved. Ladders don’t just fall; they can break, tip, slide and slip, leading to life-changing injuries.

Here are some of the things that may cause ladder accidents at construction sites:

  • Using a ladder on a surface that is oily or watery
  • Placing the ladder atop an object in order to get the required height
  • Not installing slip resistant implements on the feet of ladders
  • Failing to provide workers with restraints, barricades and spotters which may break a potential fall
  • Overloading workers and then sending them up a ladder
  • Using a ladder that’s too big or too small for a job
  • Using a ladder with a lot of foot traffic where someone may tip it over
  • Using ladders in inclement weather e.g. during heavy rain or snow
  • The lack of a ladder lock usually found in the ladder hinges

Falls From Ladders in Construction – Who’s To Blame?

Liability for ladder injuries at construction site may be shared among different parties. It may be possible that the ladder you used was defective: therefore, the company that supplied it and/or the manufacturer may be held liable for your injuries. If there were contractors hired, for instance, by a roofing company that caused your injuries, the company that hired them may have to pay you money damages. Your employer as well may be held liable if we can prove as your best ladder injury lawyers that you weren’t provided with adequate training prior to using it. Falling off ladder injuries can be catastrophic because of the potential to suffer multiple injuries that will require surgeries in the present and near future.

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