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A compression fracture happens when the bones in your lower spine suffer some kind of trauma, causing their breakage. Also known as vertebral compression fractures, these injuries are often seen in accidents where extreme force is involved. Compression fractures precede back injuries, and they are often seen in those with cancer as well as elderly persons. This is because they tend to have weaker bones due to age or disease progression, and 150,000 Americans will suffer from this kind of injury every year. Out of these, 6,000 will lose their lives, and 12,000 will end up with spinal cord injuries.

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Here are some of the signs that may point to the presence of a compression fracture:

  • Weakness or numbness in one’s legs or back
  • Bowel or urination issues due to the fracture putting pressure on your spinal cord, making it hard for you to empty your bowels.
  • Chronic pain in one’s lower back area which may radiate to the upper back, hips, neck as well as thighs. Pain may be alleviated by lying down, and walking and standing may be very painful.

Spinal Compression Fracture Diagnosis

Spinal compression fractures are typically diagnosed by the performing of a CT scan or taking an X-ray. In addition, an MRI may be in order so that doctors can examine soft tissue around the spine to check for any abnormalities.

Compression Fracture After a Car Accident –Treatment Options

Due to the seriousness and high fatality rates of individuals with compression fracture in the neck and back, treatment must be something you should take seriously. You can opt for either surgical or non-surgical treatment options depending on the severity of your spinal cord injury after a car accident. Surgeons may elect to inject you with special medical cement into the fractured area to ease pain and increase stability. Surgical decompression is also another option in which surgeons reduce pressure in the area by manipulating ligaments and bone. Lastly, you may have some bone removed if it’s placing pressure on the spinal cord or surrounding nerve.

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