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OWCP, under the FECA Act, will provide you with compensation as an injured federal worker in keeping with your injuries as well as the impairment rating accorded to them. Impairment ratings are used by OWCP and DOL in order to streamline compensation, to ensure fairness when it comes to compensation and to leave no room for ambiguity. Impairment ratings also help give doctors a guideline on how to classify and treat these injuries so that injured postal workers and other injured federal employees can make a quick recovery if possi.ble, and get back to work in good time.

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OWCP Impairment Rating Doctors – The Prerequisites

As an injured federal worker, you are required to attend an Impairment Rating Evaluation in order to qualify for further compensation after exhausting your schedule award. This is usually done by OWCP-conversant physicians who have done these evaluations because it is required of them to understand the needs of DOL and OWCP when it comes to assessing injured postal workers, a process that is usually not the same as assessing your average civilian. The physician will consult a guidebook provided by the American Medical Association and use the information contained therein to determine the disability rating they should assign to your injury. They must also be well versed in their specialty and be board certified by the American Board of Independent Medical Examiners.

Impairment Rating Payout Depends on Set Percentage

This rating runs from zero to a hundred, and any number that’s south of 50 percent usually means that you are partially disabled, and may receive limited wage loss compensation for a set amount of weeks compared to those whose figure is 50 percent and above, as they qualify for permanent disability. It is also important to note that you must have reached Maximum Medical Improvement when it comes to your healing – this usually means that a physician must determine that you have recovered to a point where no further recovery is expected to occur – in order to undergo an impairment rating evaluation.

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