Consequential Injuries, DOL and OWCP

Sometimes, life throws you a curveball just when you think you can’t take any more bad news. As an injured federal worker, you may find yourself sustaining a secondary injury off work as a result of your first and primary injury. According to the Department of Labor, this is known as a consequential injury, and it happens more often than most people think.

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What is a Consequential Injury in Federal Workers’ Compensation?

A consequential injury is one that occurs as a direct result of an initial injury. Say you injured your knee and had to stay home to recuperate. If you go ahead and tear your meniscus or tendon after taking a tumble on account of your weak, injured knee, you may be eligible for additional compensation on top of your current payout from the federal government.

What’s Covered?

In addition, if you are traveling from home to a hospital to receive medical treatment on account of your OWCP-approved injuries and you injure yourself, you’ll also be covered via consequential injury claims. Another scenario in which you will receive compensation is if you’re checked into hospital and are receiving treatment and then contract an infection such as MRSA.

Doctor’s Report – Consequential Injury

In order for your consequential injury claim to be accepted, you must write an employee statement outlining everything that happened in detail, explaining how your secondary, consequential injury is related to your primary or original injury. You’re then required to take the statement to your doctor who will write a medical report of it in as an objective manner as possible. Lastly, fill in form CA-2, attach it to the doctor’s medical report and send it over to OWCP.

Federal Workers’ Compensation Legal Help

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