Continuation of Pay Regulations – Injured Federal Workers

Federal employees who sustain a traumatic injury are entitled to compensation for the injury as well as the continuation of said employee’s regular pay for the duration of their disability for up to 45 calendar days. Continuation of Pay, or COP, is a federal workers’ compensation domain handled by OWCP, or Office of Workers’ Compensation. It is important to note at this juncture that continuation of pay for federal workers is subject to taxation as well as other payroll deductions.

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Continuation of Pay Regulations

According to the law, your employer is under a mandate to continue your pay unless you are a Postal Service worker and are affected by legislation laid out in 5 U.S.C 8117. You cannot and should not use your sick or annual leave unless certain legal requirements apply. That being said, your employer has a right to controvert or withhold payment until OWCP comes to an agreement regarding the validity of your claim as well as its value.

Continuation of Pay for Postal Workers

As a postal worker, you are not eligible for continuation of pay for the first three days of your being temporarily disabled. However, you may use sick or annual leave without pay during this period as long as your disability does not exceed 2 weeks or 14 days or develops into permanent disability.

Continuation of pay is not available to the following:

  • Those providing a service to the US government such as civil officers who are not getting paid or are paid a nominal fee
  • Volunteers such as Peace Corps workers
  • Those in work-study programs
  • Members of a grand or petit jury
  • …and so on.

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