Coronavirus Due To Nursing Home Neglect – More Inside

Nursing homes are especially susceptible to the effects of coronavirus due to the weakened immune systems of the elderly. That being said, it is important that nursing home staff and administration do what is reasonable and enforce a standard of care that protects their residents from infection and possible death. It may be possible to sue for coronavirus nursing home deaths and infections as long as you can prove certain legal principles which we’ll be unpacking in this post.

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One of the reasons why coronavirus spreads so fast is the fact that adults live in close proximity to each other. A lot of these nursing homes and assisted living facilities also are overpopulated and understaffed, making them veritable havens for infections, both bacterial and viral. In addition, one’s immune system weakens as they grow older, making them prime targets for a virulent disease such as COVID-19.

Responsibilities nursing homes are required to enforce due to coronavirus include:

  • Sufficiently train employees to handle the virus
  • Having sufficient number of employees to handle health crises
  • Having a robust care plan for all residents
  • Hiring individuals with the correct qualifications and experience
  • Respecting all residents and according them dignity

Here are some of the ways nursing homes can prevent the spread of COVID-19

  • Adhere to CDC rules and regulations by canceling communal dining, any group meetings, as well as making sure social distancing rules are followed, as well as wearing of masks by all residents
  • Nursing homes should do everything in their power to anticipate and mitigate any medical supply shortages
  • Nursing homes should identify an area where they can place severely ill individuals so they can be monitored and transferred to medical centers so they don’t infect others
  • Daily screening of residents can prevent infections, as well as keeping a tally of the infected and notifying the relevant health authorities can stem the spread of coronavirus in nursing homes and in the end, prevent unnecessary deaths

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Negligence when it comes to nursing home care is usually a cause for concern as nothing happens without human intervention. Infections are bound to happen, but negligence usually leads to the worsening of these infections, and the loss of valuable lives. If you believe that nursing home administration flouted any of the steps or responsibilities listed above leading to your loved one contracting coronavirus, we’d love to hear from you. Please contact our best coronavirus in nursing homes attorney NOW at (773) 322-1673 to learn more about your legal options for compensation. Thanks, and we look forward to hearing from you.