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Workplace injuries vary in severity, but one of the most dangerous of all is crush injury. A crush injury may occur when debris falls over an individual, pinning them under it, or as a result of a malfunctioning piece of equipment trapping a person’s limb or body in it. Crush injuries almost always involve medical emergencies, and it’s not uncommon for victims to lose limbs, organs or even their lives should they not receive timely medical assistance.

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Crush Injury Complications

Extreme force that pins a body, appendage or torso between objects will cause both external and internal damage. In addition, fractures are very common in crush injuries that happen within a work setting, and muscle and tissue damage is a possibility if an individual doesn’t get timely medical attention due to the cutting off of blood from various parts of the body, leading to infection or even paralysis.

Compartment Syndrome – Work Injury Attorneys

Compartment syndrome is often seen in these types of injuries due to the forces involved. Crushed limbs will lead to the impingement of tissue and the interruption of blood flow, leading to tissue and muscle death. Compartment syndrome should be treated fast via surgery to release pressure so that tissue can be saved.

Crush Syndrome Lawyers

Crush syndrome, on the other hand, happens when the body goes into shock, leading to renal failure. Victims of crush injuries who may become impinged under debris may have to wait a while before help gets to them. Due to the time delay, muscle and tissue begin to deteriorate, leading to the buildup of myoglobin, phosphorus and potassium, all byproducts seen in muscle and tissue deterioration. When they are released from the debris, these byproducts rush into an individual’s bloodstream, causing shock and subsequently, kidney failure.

Negligence in Crush Injury Cases

Due to the catastrophic nature of crush injuries, many victims may be looking at a disability for the rest of their lives. In addition, amputation isn’t uncommon, and up to 50 percent of crush syndrome survivors will need renal dialysis. Crush injuries cost a fortune, and you shouldn’t have to pay your medical bills or forego your lost wages if the negligent actions of another person caused your injuries.

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