Cuomo Repeals Immunity from COVID-19 Litigation Law

The New York Governor Andrew Cuomo recently repealed the legal protections afforded to healthcare facilities, nursing homes and hospitals in the wake of the coronavirus, which had effectively shielded them from litigation and liability. Also known as The Emergency or Disaster Treatment Protection Act, enacted late last year,  this law was meant to provide healthcare facilities and their employees blanket immunity from all legal liability.

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New York Signs into Law COVID Litigation Immunity Repeal

Senator Alessandra Biaggi chimed in after Cuomo’s declaration, writing in a tweet that the Governor had signed into law S5177 meant to repeal blanket immunity offered to nursing homes and healthcare centers in the state of New York. She also added that the passing of the law was thanks to the tireless advocacy and persistence of individuals that lost loved ones in hospitals and nursing homes across New York.

New York Health Organizations Oppose Coronavirus Law Repeal

Greater New York Health Care Facilities Association executive director Michael Balboni opposed the repeal, stating that the law would only be used as a means of casting blame, and that it would be an opportunity to pile on an industry that has already had a lot of devastation and death. The Greater New York Hospital Association also opposed Gov. Cuomo’s actions, stating that with the mutations and variants, the public health threat was far from over. Over 15,000 individuals have died in the state of New York at long-term care facilities, particularly in nursing homes.

COVID-19 Negligent Exposure Lawyers – Call Us Now!

As the pandemic marches on, it is important to hold negligent individuals and corporations accountable. This can stem the poor care and handling of individuals that have contracted COVID-19 due to greater diligence, thereby saving more lives. If you were grossly negligently exposed to COVID-19, please give us a call at (773) 823-0298 for your FREE legal consultation so we can advise you on the next steps to take. We look forward to helping you.