The Dangers Of Working The Night Shift

Night shift work is a common occurrence in certain professions in Northwest Indiana such as the entertainment, research, security and medical and pharmaceutical professions. Individuals who have to pull all-nighters do so due to various reasons such as needing to study during the day, a preference towards being able to work at night, having other jobs during the day and so on.

Night Shift Work and, Injuries Health Complications

As humans, we’ve evolved over hundreds of thousands of years to respond to light. This means that our brains start producing certain chemicals during daybreak, and switch over to rest mode once the sun sets. Those who choose night shift work in Northwest Indiana are going against the natural order of their circadian rhythm which makes it more likely for them to suffer serious health consequences.

It is estimated that night shift workers in Northwest Indiana and across the country are up to three times more likely to suffer work-related injuries than their daytime counterparts. This is because night shift work in Indiana impairs one’s decision-making and cognitive processes due to slowed down biological responses happening in the brain.

OSHA Regulations on Night Shift Work

OSHA and other health-related government agencies state that all workers should be given a 2-hour break to rest or sleep during night shift work so they can recharge their batteries. On top of that, they should be provided with 10-hour time blocks between shifts to reset their internal body clocks as well as provided with shorter hours than is usual if they are performing physically demanding jobs in relation to their other colleagues. Therefore, any employee that doesn’t comply with these federal directives may be said to have broken federal law, making them liable for any injuries that their employees consequently suffer.

Legal Help for Workers’ Comp Cases in Indiana

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