Defective Chainsaw Lawsuits – Start Here

It’s estimated that over 3 million chainsaws are sold in the United States every year. These machines are invaluable for people who work in the woodworking and handyman industries as they are needed to cut down wood and other pliable materials into smaller, manageable pieces. At the same time, about 28,000 people are injured by chainsaws every year, suffering catastrophic and life-threatening complications which can cost a fortune to treat.

Chainsaw Manufacturers Held to a Higher Standard

Chainsaws contain a number of moving parts which are assembled at a manufacturing plant. This must be done with care and a high level of professionalism given the dangerous nature of these appliances. At the same time, manufacturers should use only the highest quality materials in order to make sure the chainsaws don’t give way in the midst of operation, injuring the user. On top of that, each chainsaw manufactured must be put through extensive testing to confirm that they are working well. Failure of the manufacturer to carry out any of these procedures and tests can be constituted as negligence, which is compensable under personal injury law.

Types of Chainsaw Injuries

Chainsaw injuries don’t only have to do with chopped off hands or fingers. Faulty chainsaws can have their handles come off, leading to the whole thing falling on the ground and injuring the user’s legs and lower body. At the same time, a moving part may come loose, leading to the tool ricocheting back into the users shoulder and décolletage area, leading to broken bones in this area. Lastly, chainsaw injuries can involve electrocution due to poor wiring done at the manufacturing plant, leading to second or third degree burns and internal organ damage.

Defective Chainsaw Lawsuits

Chainsaw manufacturers are held to a high standard by organizations such as OSHA. They must keep up with certain manufacturing standards and make sure their tools are safe for use. Should they not meet these standards, they can be liable for injuries under product liability and personal injury law. If you were injured by a defective chainsaw, get in touch with us today on (773) 673-9861 so we can help you file a defective product lawsuit against the manufacturer. These kinds of cases have a short time window within which you can sue, so it’s in your best interests to act fast. Thanks for choosing us, and we look forward to hearing from you.