Defective Ladder Injuries In Indiana

Personal Injury

Ladders are an important part of many industries such as building and construction, painting, window cleaning and firefighting. Individuals in these industries use ladders to reach heights that one cannot conventionally reach. It is estimated that 150,000 people are sent to the ER each year due to ladder-related injuries. This is a disturbing number and the scary part is that most of these injuries could have been prevented.

Ladder Manufacturers Owe You a Duty Of Care

Ladder manufacturers are bound by OSHA laws which require them to follow quality and manufacturing standards to ensure the products they put out into the public domain are safe and can withstand constant, heavy duty use. In addition, manufacturers are required to test every batch of ladders to check for structural or mechanical weaknesses which may lead to them coming undone. The law therefore holds them to a certain standard and behooves upon them to provide you with a certain standard of care so you are kept safe while using these ladders.

Causes of Defective Ladder Injuries and Their Consequences

Ladder defects are also caused by the use of poor quality materials as well as rushing the product through manufacturing in order to beat deadlines. Ladder injuries in Indiana are usually severe because more often than not, the person on them falls a couple of feet to the ground. Broken necks, broken arms and legs, head trauma, impalement, bruising, internal bleeding, electrocution and paralysis have all happened when people have fallen off ladders. The resultant treatment and surgeries as well as rehabilitation cost a pretty penny, something that may hardly be covered in its entirety by workers’ compensation.

Indiana Defective Ladder Injury Help

Why should you have to pay for your own treatment when someone else’s negligence caused your injuries? It is important to handle ladder injury cases in Indiana with a discerning mindset. By working with an Indiana defective ladder attorney, you’ll be able to track down what exactly caused your injuries so you can sue the manufacturer for the full amount allowed by law. This money will go a long way in clearing most, if not all your bills as well as sending a message to the ladder making industry in Indiana about the dangers of poor manufacturing practices. Please call us today on 877-561-3004 for your free consultation. Thanks, and we look forward to hearing from you.