Defective Lathe Accidents – Who Is Legally Liable?

A lathe is a machine that is used to shape wood or metal given the tensile strength it possesses, and its ability to hold on to a piece of metal or wood and gently shape it to the desired shape. Despite their utility however, lathes can be very dangerous, often resulting in electrocution and even amputation, meaning that they must be manufactured to the highest safety standards, as well as maintained on a regular basis in order to avoid preventable accidents.

Are you looking for a lathes injury lawyer? If you were injured by a defective or poorly maintained lathe, you may be able to file a workers’ compensation lawsuit for defective devices. McCready Law has been helping workers just like you get compensated for over 70 years, and we’d love to put this experience to work for you. Please contact us NOW at (773) 985-5139 to receive your 100% FREE and confidential consultation into legal claims for lathe injuries.

Here are some of the injuries often associated with a lathe:

  • Electrocution due to electrical short circuits within the machine caused by a manufacturing defect. Electrocution can lead to skin burns, internal organ damage, and even heart failure depending on the voltage that passes through the individual’s body
  • Amputation is a serious concern when it comes to lathe injuries due to the vice-like grip the machine holds on to something, making it virtually impossible to release a limb in a timely manner.
  • Nerve damage is common when it comes to lathes due to the possibility of a person’s skin and soft tissue getting into contact with the machine, leading to the impingement of nerves, which can lead to permanent nerve damage.
  • Vision loss while using lathes can happen when debris from the cutting or shaping of certain objects fly into an individual’s field of view, leading to said debris cutting the eye or lodging itself into the eye. Protective eye wear while using lathes is therefore necessary.

It is possible to file a product liability lawsuit if your lathe injury was caused by a defective machine. In such instances, our defective lathe injury attorneys will determine whether the exact defect was located.

Here are some arguments associated with product liability lawsuits:

  1. Defect in the intended design
  2. Failure to install safety mechanism on the lathe
  3. Failure to warn users regarding the inherent dangers associated with lathes
  4. Defect that was borne during the manufacturing process

Negligence for Lathe Injuries – Who’s To Blame?

In order to have a valid lathe injury claim, it is important that certain legal principles be present. The first one is duty of care which is a legal relationship which exists between you and your employer, or you and the manufacturer. If a breach of this duty of care occurred leading to your suffering injuries, you may be able to file a claim seeking compensation for damages such as pain and suffering, lost wages, past and future medical bills, loss of consortium, loss of enjoyment of life, and so much more. Need to speak with a lathe injury lawyer? Please get in touch with us NOW at (773) 985-5139 to learn more about your legal options for compensation.