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There are massive forces that pull at your body at the time of an accident, and some of these forces can cause your skin to come clean off your flesh in an injury known as degloving injury. This refers to the tearing off of skin and other tissue from the body, particularly around the hands and arms. Degloving sounds like exactly what it sounds like – almost as if the skin is removed, akin removing gloves from one’s hands. This is a painful injury because it leaves tissue and nerves exposed which makes the individual more sensitive to their environment to the point where the pain can cause them to pass out. Degloving injuries are not only serious, but they can be life-threatening in the event that an infection should develop in the exposed skin.

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How Do Degloving or Avulsion Injuries Happen?

Degloving injuries can happen in many instances, and not just during a car accident. They can happen to factory workers whose hands get caught in machinery, as well as when a person’s ring gets caught on an object. It is important to see a physician within hours after a degloving injury in order to rehabilitate the injury as well as reconstruct the skin and wound area. Failure to do so will lead to tissue necrosis, or the rotting and dying away of tissue. Physicians will also attempt to cover the wound if the skin is still available through procedures known as replantation and revascularization.

How Do You Treat Degloving Injuries?

Degloving is also known as avulsion, which defined is the action of tearing away or pulling away. On top of surgery, you may need to undergo hand mobilization physical therapy in order to maintain the movement range of your hand. In addition, cosmetic surgery to improve the hand’s appearance may be needed in the future until the physician is happy with the result.

Degloving Injuries – Call Our Injury Attorneys Now!

Degloving or avulsion injuries do not happen out of the blue – it is estimated that over 90 percent of all accidents involve some form of human negligence. As a result, it is vital that you hold the individual that was responsible for your injuries responsible for their actions so that they do not repeat the same careless or reckless action in the future. Suffered hand degloving injuries after an auto, work, slip and fall, dangerous product event? Please call your experienced countrywide injury attorneys NOW at (773) 825-3547 to learn more about your legal options for compensation. We look forward to helping you.