Deposition Secrets in Personal Injury Law – Don’t Make These Mistakes

By their very nature, personal injury cases attract a deposition at some point in the process. This is a process by which evidence and testimony is consolidated in order to come up with factual accounts of the event from start to finish. A deposition can be extremely stressful and last hours and hours, so it’s in your best interests to arm yourself with information before attending one.

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What Exactly is a Deposition?

Depositions are part of what’s known as “discovery”, part of the personal injury lawsuit process where witnesses and other parties provide an oral testimony while under oath in response to questions posed by an attorney. A deposition involves both parties and their respective legal representatives, and the deposition will have someone recording the testimony after which a transcript will be provided.

Will I Have to Go to Court for a Deposition?

It is important to realize that a deposition takes place outside of the court: that is, the Judge and any other court officials are not involved in the process. This makes it possible to come to an agreement between the two parties as there’s a larger wiggle room for negotiations when compared to a court environment where arguments are short, and a judge’s decision is final, and appeals may be expensive and time-consuming.

Sample Deposition Questions

Deposition is usually done by the defendant’s legal team, and the questions may seem probing, embarrassing, loaded and irrelevant. However, since you’ll be providing a testimony under oath, you will have to answer questions honestly. In addition, do not be tempted to lie, and do not be difficult by refusing to answer questions as doing this will prompt defendant’s counsel to contact the judge for assistance which will then put you in a negative light. However, a deposition usually goes both ways, so the defendant will have a slew of questions directed at them by your attorney.

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A deposition is a great way of feeling out how a potential lawsuit would fare in court. When it comes to a deposition, preparation and crossing all your I’s and T’s with your attorney prior to the main event is the key to success. You will therefore require access to a well-organized and aggressive attorney. Please contact McCready Law today at (773) 906-4159 for more information on how best we can help you with your deposition. We look forward to hearing from you.