Developed Cold Weather Injuries at Work? What You MUST Know

Winter is fast on its way, and in most northern states, workers have to contend with working in near-freezing temperatures in order to keep the lights on. There’s no rest and no exceptions for workers in certain industries as citizens depend on them to keep the economy running. Working in cold weather brings with it a unique set of challenges which can be deleterious for one’s health. Layers, making sure that one gets sufficient heat from time to time as well as ensuring that rooms are well insulated are just but some of the ways in which workers can protect themselves from the health-damaging effects of the cold. That said, some individuals still suffer from a number of illnesses such as frost bite, hypothermia and bronchitis as a result of cold exposure, and this is usually down to some form of negligence by their supervisors or work managers. If you or a loved one were exposed to cold weather leading to cold-stress injuries at work, you may be able to file a legal claim, and we’d love to help with that.

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Some of the most common cold weather injuries include:

  1. Frostbite which is due to exposure of extremities to cold weather exposure for extended periods of time
  2. Hypothermia, which refers to a sudden and extreme drop in one’s temperature, causing dizziness, shivering, coordination loss and even blacking out. Left untreated, hypothermia may lead to death
  3. Trench foot which happens when one leaves their feet exposed to cold and wet conditions for an extended amount of time, leading to impaired blood flow or circulation.
  4. Chilblains or pernio, which refers to the blood vessel inflammation around one’s skin, causing blistering, itchy skin and swelling in the hands and feet.

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If you work outdoors on a regular basis in cold temperatures or during the winter, or if you’re a police officer, firefighter, airport worker, cold storage worker, supermarket worker and an EMT, you may experience cold-stress injuries due to failure by your employer to provide you with proper protection from the elements, limiting cold exposure or failing to respond to worker complaints about the same. Need to learn what your cold weather injury claim is worth? Please call us NOW at (773) 823-0298 to speak with one of our experienced and friendly cold weather injury lawyers. Thanks, and we look forward to helping you.