Does Benzene Cause Leukemia? Get The Facts Here

Benzene is typically found in petroleum products, and it is a compound that we come into contact with on an almost daily basis. From solvents, to gas, to cleaning products and plastics, benzene is an ubiquitous chemical that was once thought to be safe an inert…until it wasn’t. Benzene has now been shown to have the potential to cause certain cancers such as leukemia, especially in people that are exposed to it on a regular basis such as refinery and factory workers. Having said that, Benzene’s negative health effects have been known about since the 1800’s, but corporations continued to use it due to the lucrative profits it brought forward as well as the fact that its utility outweighed the possible risks posed to workers and the end consumer.

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Does Benzene Cause Leukemia?

Ask any doctor to tell you what causes cancer, and most will say it’s a constellation of factors, and that they don’t have a clear cause to this date. However, visit any hospital in a state where oil refineries and fracking are common, and you’ll see a lot of workers from oil barges and these sites being treated for leukemia, a type of blood cancer. What these workers have in common is the fact that they work in environments that expose them to benzene on a daily basis. The American Cancer Society has reported that crude oil and related products such as gasoline, gas, xylene, refined petroleum and the like can cause a number of cancers.

Here are the cancers associated with benzene:

You’re more likely to be exposed to benzene if you work at the following industries:

  • Chemical workers
  • Barge workers
  • Adhesive production plant
  • Gas distribution
  • Those working in newspaper presses
  • Those working in factories that use solvents
  • Shoe workers
  • Printers
  • Plumbers
  • Painters
  • Truck drivers
  • Factories that produce synthetic rubber

How Does Benzene Cause Leukemia?

Does benzene cause leukemia? This is the million dollar question which has been answered by science. Hydrocarbons such as benzene are classified as carcinogens by the Department of Health and Human Services. It has the ability, upon repeated exposure, to cause cellular changes and irregular division of cells, paving the way for the development of cancer.

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