Does Vibration White Finger Go Away? Find Out Here

Individuals working in construction, road paving and other similar engineering projects have to use vibrating tools such as jack hammers and cut-off saws for extended periods of time. The vibration of these machines is absorbed into the body via the hand, and this can cause a little-known repetitive injury syndrome known as vibration white finger syndrome. This is a compensable claim as it usually is telling of the possibility that an employer or contractor did not carry out proper training or follow safety protocol to stop this preventable syndrome from happening.

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Vibration white finger syndrome, also known as VWF is an industrial disease that can be termed as an occupational injury which can occur due to the constant use of vibrating handheld machinery which typically oscillates as anywhere from 50 to 150 hertz.

Here are some of the symptoms associated with vibration white finger syndrome:

  • Tingling and numbness in the fingers
  • Pain and discomfort around one’s fingers
  • Not being able to use certain fingers and feeling as if they are “dead”.

Does Vibration White Finger Go Away?

The danger connected with vibration arm finger is that many workers using vibrating machines may think that it is a temporary condition that will get better with time. The sensations typically start off as temporary, but over time, they become permanent. This makes it likely for an individual to suffer permanent impairment of his or her hands, and therefore unable to work.

Work Safety Lapses Linked to Vibration White Finger

OSHA regulations exist to protect the safety and health of construction workers and other industrial workers. Individuals should be provided with numerous breaks especially if using these drilling implements for an entire day. In addition, they should be provided with the needed safety gloves and other equipment that will absorb the vibration expected from drills, as well as be trained on how safely to use these implements. In an effort to finish a project before the deadline, some employers may overwork employees in an unreasonable manner. Longer working hours leads to the likelihood that vibration white finger syndrome will occur. All these safety infarctions and the breaking of OSHA regulations may make it possible to file a vibration white finger lawsuit.

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In order to recover compensation for vibration white finger disease, you must establish with your best construction injuries attorney that there was a standard of care that was breached leading to your injuries. This will prove liability and make you entitled for compensation for things like lost wages, loss of earning capacity, pain and suffering, treatment costs, cost of at-home care and so much more. Suffered a vibration white finger injury? Please call us at (773) 673-9861 for your 100% FREE and confidential consultation into your legal options for justice and compensation. Thanks and we look forward to helping you.