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The work of a utility worker is fraught with danger due to the above-normal levels of electric voltage they have to work with on a regular basis. To this end, they are provided with specialized training, clothing and equipment to keep them safe. Having said that, injuries due to someone else’s negligence can cause severe, life-threatening burns as well as fatalities if the individual getting electrocuted is not separated from the offending current in the shortest time possible.

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OSHA is a government workplace safety regulatory body that looks after the well-being of workers by instituting and enforcing regulations to keep them safe. Some of these regulations include having outdoor electrical utilities stationed in a competent enclosure so that accidental contact with wiring and equipment doesn’t occur. OSHA also requires that rooms and buildings that contain these electrical equipment have clear signage on them with the words: DANGER – HIGH VOLTAGE – KEEP OUT displayed, unobstructed, at all times. In addition, OSHA decrees that any electrical utilities, wires and such be guarded from being touched by members of the public and utility workers accidentally.

Electric Shock Injuries: How They Happen and The Consequences

When high voltage electricity passes through the human body, the organs unfortunately act as conductors. In doing so, they are heated up by the current, causing severe internal burns and organ damage. Nerve damage, brain injury and cardiac arrest are also seen in electric shock injury victims, with many of these individuals requiring emergency surgery to save their lives. It is also important to note that there may be delayed injuries and psychological effects of electric shock injuries, and up to 6 percent of all victims going on to suffer cataracts a few months later. Others may experience memory loss, confusion, seizures, depression, aggression and anxiety, all of which may compound their injuries and make it virtually impossible to get back to being productive members of their communities and society.

Electric shock injuries may be caused by:

  • Insufficient worker training on how to handle circuits and wiring
  • Working with aged, damaged or faulty equipment
  • Failing to have high voltage areas clearly marked by signage

With regard to liability, here are some of the people who may be held responsible:

  • Your immediate supervisor
  • Company management
  • The landlord or property owner
  • The power company
  • Manufacturers who may have issued defective equipment

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