Elevator Accident Lawsuits

There are over 900,000 elevators in the country in both residential and commercial buildings. It is estimated that 18 billion trips are taken each year on these, and the law states that they be maintained in a manner that is reasonable to protect the public from accidents and injuries. The reality is that elevator accidents are largely due to poor maintenance as well as not installing them well and improper use. Elevator accidents can be serious, and even fatal given the fact that a person, if caught between doors, may be decapitated, or have their body dragged to a considerable height and then dropped.

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Elevator Injuries – Why Do They Happen?

The law mandates that building owners maintain every aspect of their property, and this includes elevators. In addition, inspectors regular make impromptu visits to check on the state of these movement aids every so often, and they post inspection reports regularly on the same. Elevator operators are required by law in other states to display a certificate of inspection inside the elevator so people can know the elevators have not only been inspected for safety, but are maintained for the same.

Here are some of the most common reasons that lead to elevator malfunction:

  1. Doors may open in an impromptu manner in an automatic elevator in-between floors, causing people to fall out and into the shaft space.
  2. Poor maintenance and the advanced age of some elevators mean that they are more likely to malfunctions.
  3. Sudden starts and stops due to mechanical issues can also cause serious injuries

Here are some of the most common elevator accidents:

  • The elevator may get stuck in-between floors leading to low oxygen and suffocation
  • The abrupt shutting of the doors when a person is about to get in
  • The free falling of an elevator causing passengers to be thrown up in the air
  • Sudden opening of elevator doors before the elevator gets to the next floor

Some of the most common elevator malfunction injuries include:

  • Broken bones
  • Limb amputations
  • Whiplash or neck injury
  • Brain injury or head trauma
  • Spinal cord injury
  • Lacerations
  • Hip injuries

Liability for Elevator Accidents

With regard to liability, there may be multiple parties that this is apportioned to. First, the property owner may be named as a defendant because elevator accidents in properties are almost always as a result of poor maintenance. The maintenance company contracted to maintain and regularly fix problems may also be to blame. Third, the manufacturer may be part of your elevator lawsuit if we are able to find that a structural manufacturing defect caused your accident. Last but not least, human attendants and elevator installation entities may also be legally liable for your accident

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