Eligibility for Continuation of Pay for USPS Workers

USPS workers being employees of the federal government are entitled to Continuation of Pay, or COP which allows them to take care of their financial needs for up to 45 days from the time that they suffer an injury. Postal work is physically taxing, and it’s not uncommon for a person’s back to give out, to suffer a knee injury or slip and fall while carrying a large package. FECA legislation protects your rights as an injured USPS worker by making COP benefits available to you so you can focus on healing and being the best version of yourself.

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Continuation of Pay OPM for USPS Workers

Continuation of Pay is available to injured federal workers who may have suffered a disabling injury at work. The disabling injury may be permanent or partial, and time spent off work in order to seek medical treatment will still count as COP days, making you eligible for the same even on these days.

In order to become eligible for COP, it is important that you let your supervisor or employing agency about the disabling injury within 30 days of your suffering said injury. On top of that, if you typically work night shift or work in a supplemental manner, COP will cover these.

In order to become eligible for Continuation of Pay:

  • You must have suffered an on-the-job traumatic injury
  • Fill in form CA-1 in a timely manner and inform your supervisor before the deadline
  • Be out of work as a result of your injury within 45 days of said traumatic injury
  • Provide medical proof backing up your disability and injury claim

Your agency on the other hand has a role to play in your Continuation of Pay application:

  1. They are required to provide you with form CA-1
  2. They are legally required to let you know about COP as well as the option to use leave without pay (LWOP) or sick leave
  3. They are required to authorize medical attention by providing you with form CA-16
  4. They are required to follow protocol reminding you that medical attention and the subsequent medical report will be required within 10 calendar days of the start of your disability
  5. They are required to let you know about return to duty which starts when your disability resolves after getting sufficient medical care
  6. They are required to terminate Continuation of Pay after the expiry of 45 days

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There are nuances about Continuation of Pay for federal workers that we have purposefully left out because in all honesty, no two USPS workers’ compensation claim is the same. If you’d like help applying for Continuation of Pay as an USPS worker or any other federal worker, we’d love to hear from you. Please call our best federal workers’ compensation attorneys TODAY at (773) 825-3651 to learn more about your legal options for compensation.