Employer Gross Negligence and Illinois Workers’ Compensation

A lot of Illinois employees in different industries take for granted their safety and the expectations around it when until something untoward happens. There are no guarantees in life, and accidents do happen. To this end, Illinois workers’ compensation law requires that all employers have workers’ compensation insurance to take care of the needs of their injured workers should something unexpected happen, causing injury to an individual in the workforce.

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Duty of Care and Workers Compensation in Illinois

Your employer is obligated to provide you with a safe working environment under the duty of care legal premise which, loosely stated, requires that they do what is considered reasonable and what another employer would do were they in their shoes to prevent potential injuries by providing proper training, the right work equipment and environment and supervision in order to protect you from various hazards. Failure to do this constitutes negligence, an act litigable via Illinois work injury law.

Gross Negligence Legal Claims in Illinois

Unfortunately, due to greed or sheer and even deliberate ignorance, some employers go against their better judgment and expose workers to unreasonable risk within the workplace. According to the law, gross negligence can be defined as the reckless conduct of one party that can constitute disregard or indifference to the life of the aggrieved party, their safety, or their rights. In some cases, an employer who is found to have been willfully negligent may be asked to pay for your damages out of their own pockets depending on the severity of their actions.

How to Win a Workers’ Compensation Lawsuit in Illinois

That being said, the burden of proof lies on you: that is to say, you must show that your Illinois employee acted in a grossly negligent manner, and that their actions directly led to your suffering injuries. In addition, you must show, via a Chicago injured worker law firm, that the employer was aware of the hazard that caused your injuries and that they acted in a deliberate manner to not take any corrective action to remedy the situation. To this end, you will need a best workers’ compensation law firm in Chicago who can provide a strong legal argument propped up by robust evidence in order to win your case. Should you win, you may be able to collect compensation for the cost of treatment, lost wages, therapy and rehabilitation, loss of enjoyment of life and so much more.

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