Employer Ordering Mandatory Vaccinations – Is This Legal?

A Houston hospital is asking all employees to get the COVID-19 vaccine or risk dismissal from their position as healthcare workers. Houston Methodist, which has claimed that over 80 percent of its workers have already received the vaccine, says that patient safety is their Number 1 concern, which is why they are pushing for mandatory vaccination. This directive flies in the face of various legal statues and may be termed as illegal under certain circumstances.

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Houston Hospital Ordering All Workers to Get Vaccine

Carole Hackett, senior vice president over at Houston Methodist hospital stressed that patient safety was key, and that in order to keep all patients safe, employees must get the vaccine. That being said, individuals with medical issues as well as religious preferences may be exempt from getting the jab.

COVID-19 Mandatory Vaccination – Is This Legal?

An attorney with KHOU 11 said that this order was problematic and that mandatory vaccination would only apply to individuals such as first responders. However, mandatory vaccination for a vaccine that hasn’t been approved by the FDA may raise legal questions, and employers forcing their workers to take the jab may be breaking the law in some instances.

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It is important that you seek out the advice of an attorney in such cases as certain legal statues may exempt you from mandatory COVID-19 vaccination. If you’ve faced a mandatory vaccination order, or have been dismissed from your work due to refusing the COVID-19 vaccine, please get in touch with us at (773) 825-3651. We believe in protecting the rights of workers as well as making sure that employers don’t bully workers into making serious decisions such as whether or not to get a vaccine that still hasn’t been fully approved by the FDA. The call is 100% FREE, and confidential. Thanks for choosing us, and we look forward to hearing from you.