Ethicon Physiomesh Lawsuits – What You Need To Know

A hernia is a mass of tissue which peeks through muscle that usually occurs in the lower abdominal area due to the largesse of intestinal tissue combined with weak abdominal muscles. Hernias can lead to extreme pain, inflammation and infection, necessitating prompt surgical intervention.

The History of Phsyiomesh

Physiomesh, as the name implies, is a mesh made from a special plastic called polypropylene. Physiomesh received FDA approval in 2010, and it only took a few years of worldwide implantation and use to realize that the mesh produces serious complications.

How Physiomesh Works

Phsyiomesh is meant to hold in tissue so that muscles around it can heal and close up. However, Ethicon’s Phsyiomesh, while being somewhat effective, soon began migrating from the implantation area and into other organs, causing irritation, adhesion, bacterial infection, mesh leakage, intestinal blockage, bleeding and perforation. Some people had this device implanted and suffered chronic pain for years before realizing that the device was what was causing their mysterious side-effects.

Phsyiomesh Recall 2016 – The Truth

Phsyiomesh is made by Ethicon, a Johnson & Johnson subsidiary. Contrary to popular belief, Physiomesh has not been recalled on a worldwide level. Company representatives, however, issued a statement saying that they made an FDA-approved market withdrawal which basically means that they voluntarily took action to inform hospitals and surgeons not to use the product to treat abdominal and fascial hernias.

Phsyiomesh Class Action

Physiomesh was created with an absorbable film coating which would enable the mesh to partially disintegrate. However, this hasn’t been the case for many that received this device. It is estimated that just over 100,000 people are fitted with Physiomesh in the US alone on a yearly basis, meaning that there maybe close to a million people affected by this defective product since its launch back in 2010.

Physiomesh Lawyer Help

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