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Arby’s is a long-running fast-food chain that offers an alternative to the burger and fries fair that is seen in most of these types of restaurants. Roast meat on a bun is Arby’s selling point, as well as a variety of drinks and other small snacks. Arby’s has over 2,000 locations across the country, and given its longevity, management as well as marketing and development must be doing something right to keep the doors open as well as customers satisfied thanks to its low prices and delicious roast meat sandwiches. However, one area where Arby’s does not excel has to be the safety protocol meant to keep customers safe. A while back, a WWII veteran sued Arby’s after she was hit by a door to the men’s restroom when it was unceremoniously flung open as she was walking by and sustained extensive injuries due. The accident, which happened at a local Arby’s in Charlotte, North Carolina, was copped up to by the restaurant manager who conceded that that particular spot was a problem. The lack of a warning sign placed the Arby’s in a position of negligence, for which the woman was able to recover over $250,000 in compensation for her injuries.

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Here are some of the instances that may cause slips and falls:

  • Tripping and falling over poorly-maintained floor carpeting
  • Falling due to improperly left over dining room chairs
  • Slipping and falling due to condiments or liquids left on the follow
  • Slipping on ice or other drinks by the fountain machine
  • Falling due to poor or no lighting near parking lots or the rest room
  • Tripping over carelessly placed garbage cans

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Slip and fall claims are a big deal: depending on the severity of your injuries, they can be life-changing. Therefore, it is vital that you do everything in your power to safeguard your Arby’s injury lawsuit.  Take photos of the accident scene, or better still, extensive video footage. If there were any witnesses, take down their contact information and ask if they can write down a small signed statement of what they saw. In order to protect the integrity of your claim, we ask that you don’t speak with anyone before speaking with us at (773) 900-5566 so we can engage management and insurance on your behalf. Please call our Arby’s injury attorneys NOW at (773) 900-5566to learn more about your legal options for justice and compensation. Thanks, and we look forward to helping you.