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They say that ice cream brings friends and family alike together. From brain-freeze moments, to the ability to choose from thousands of flavors, it seems as if Baskin Robbins, the country’s premier ice cream store has it all, and then some. Whether you’re having an ice cream with friends during a hot summer’s day, or are just looking for a snack prior to going to the movies, Baskin Robbins caters to every taste and age-group’s palettes. Baskin Robbins stores therefore have a huge amount of traffic coming in and out of their stores, and to this end, the risk or possibility for an accident happening is extremely high. Regardless of this fact, it is vital to understand that your rights as a Baskin Robbins customer are protected under premises liability law, which states that store owners owe you a legal duty or obligation to ensure that you are kept safe at all times, as long as you are in the store’s premises, and this includes the parking bay. If you got injured, slipped and fell, tripped over furniture or a defective or run down amenity at a local Baskin Robbins, you have every right to file a lawsuit in order to recover money damages, and we’re here to help with that.

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Here are some of the risks present at Baskin Robbins stores across the country:

  1. Slipping and falling over unmapped ice cream on the floor
  2. Workers failing to put out cleaning in progress or “hazard” signs in during repairs
  3. Tripping and falling over a chair or stool that juts out into customer pathways
  4. Slipping and falling over accumulated ice or snow
  5. Abandoned or poorly disposed-of trash causing deep cuts when steps on
  6. Uneven tiling and cracked pavement and tarmac by the parking lot causing falls

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It is important to understand that any of these risks listed above can be due to worker or management negligence. However, this isn’t enough to win a slip and fall injury lawsuit with Baskin Robbins. You must show with our Baskin Robbins injury attorneys that your injury was the direct result of negligence and that the management breached their duty of care towards you. Curious about the true value of your Baskin Robbins injury lawsuit? Please call us NOW at (773) 906-4833 to learn more about your legal options. Thanks, and we look forward to helping you.