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Your hands are indispensable and many people take them for granted until when something happens to them. Crushed or fractured hands feature in specific types of accidents and injuries such as those you find that involve blunt force trauma, shielding one’s face with hands or stretching your hands out in order to soften impact when you’re about to fall. Hand fractures can affect other parts of your body and make it virtually impossible to take care of yourself or perform the simplest of duties such as opening a can of beans, opening doors or even getting out of bed. Crushed hands and hand fractures caused by the negligence or carelessness of someone else are grounds for a personal injury lawsuit, as this will enable you to recover money damages that will go a long way in helping you pay for your medical bills, lost wages and so much more, and we’re here to help with that.

Are you looking for a hand injury attorney? Please call us NOW at (773) 825-3605 to learn more about your legal options for justice and compensation. The experienced hand fracture lawyers at McCready Law have over 90 YEARS of combined legal experience helping individuals just like you get the justice and compensation they deserve, and it would be an honor to put this experience to work for you. What sets us apart from other law firms is the fact that all claims are handled by attorneys, and not paralegals, and that we have a bilingual staff ready to help you (hablamos Espanol). In addition, all cases are handled on contingency fee basis, which means that there are NO UPFRONT FEES when we take on your case, as we work on cases to successful resolution after which we levy our fees. Regardless of where you are in the country, if you suffered a hand injury, hand fracture or crushed hand due to someone else’s negligence, please call us NOW at (773) 825-3605 and receive your 100%  FREE legal consultation into your options for justice, compensation and closure.

Here are some of the most common types of hand injuries:

  • Hand burn injury
  • Wrist fractures
  • Finger fracture injury
  • Hand amputation
  • Hand crushed between heavy objects
  • Carpal tunnel injury

Surgery for Hand Fractures and Injuries

There are 27 bones in each hand, and it is said that the bones in your hands make up a quarter of all the bones in your body. A hand injury can therefore be very complex and require surgery and a long period of recovery. If you use your hands at your job such as in the case of a receptionist or factory worker, or a bus operator, it may be next to impossible to return to work.

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Because of the complexity of hand injuries, you want to make sure that you get the maximum allowable compensation so you can recover fully and have enough time such that if you had to be terminated, you would be able to spend a sufficient amount of time to look for a job that suits your new circumstances. Need to speak with a hand injury attorney? Please call us NOW at (773) 825-3605 to learn more. Thanks, and we look forward to helping you.