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Hotels are synonymous with holidays and relaxation, so the last thing on anyone’s mind after having booked a claim is to get injured at one of these establishments. We have come to expect a certain level of safety from business establishments, so most people don’t really pay attention to their surroundings due to the fact that they feel safe in these places. However, injuries such as slips and falls can occur in lobbies and hallways, causing injuries that may be catastrophic such as spinal cord injury and traumatic brain injury. Hotels are governed by a legal principle called premises liability law, which imposes upon the hotel management a duty of care towards every guest to ensure that said guest is kept safe and that hazards are eliminated in a reasonable manner so as to protect guests. If you got injured at a hotel through slipping and falling due to someone else’s negligence, you have every right to file a hotel slip and fall injury lawsuit to recover money damages, and we’re here to help you with that.

Are you looking for a hotel slip and fall injury attorney? The experienced and aggressive hotel injury lawyers at McCready Law have over 90 YEARS of combined legal experience helping individuals just like you get the justice and compensation they deserve. Please call us NOW at (773) 825-3605 to learn more about your legal options for compensation if you slipped and fell anywhere at a hotel premises. What sets our hotel injury law firm apart is the fact that we will litigate cases if need be, especially if we believe that the insurance company is acting out of bad faith by lowballing you, or if the terms proposed by the hotel’s counsel are not commensurate with your injuries. in addition to our staff being bilingual (hablamos Espanol), we also handle all cases on contingency fee basis, which simply means that there are NO UPFRONT FEES, and that fees are levied at the very end of the case, after we’ve recovered compensation on your behalf. Regardless of where you are in the country, if you were injured at a hotel, we can help: simply call us NOW at (773) 825-3605 to learn more about the true value of your hotel slip and fall lawsuit.

Some of the causes of hotel slip and fall injuries are:

  1. Liquids and spills left on the floor by other guests, not cleaned in a timely manner
  2. Failure by staff to put up warning signs about an area of the lobby being cleaned
  3. Lack of support railing in areas of the hotel that are used by the elderly
  4. Poor lighting in hotel lobbies
  5. The presence of unreasonably smooth and slippery marble on hotel floors

Experienced Hotel Slip and Fall Injury Lawyers – Call Us Now!

The compensation you receive when it comes to hotel slip and fall claims is known as damages. These damages can include things like lost wages, medical expenses, property damage, pain and suffering from the impact of your injuries, loss of consortium if your injuries made you unable to be intimate with loved ones, and so on. Want to learn more about the true worth of your hotel slip and fall injury claim? Call us NOW at (773) 825-3605 for your 100% FREE legal consultation. Thanks, and we look forward to helping you.