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Anemia is seen in certain groups of individuals who are either genetically unable to make iron for their blood, as well as women who are still menstruating. Blood loss typically means the loss of iron in one’s blood, and it may cause anemia which manifests as weakness, tiredness and lack of motivation as well as low oxygen levels in the body. Individuals that are at risk for anemia are provided with supplementary anemia such as the one administered via Injectafer shots which are meant to deliver iron to the body in a convenient and regular fashion. Anemia, if not treated, may lead to birth defects in children whose pregnant mothers suffered anemia prior to their birth. While anemia can be treated using nutrition, some cases of excessive iron loss must be treated via the administration of Injectafer as well as other blood-building injections and pills. However, Injectafer is now being alleged to cause a serious condition called hypophosphatemia, or dangerously low phosphate levels in the blood and body, which may lead to catastrophic complications such as bone fracture and respiratory arrest. If you were given Injectafer injections and then went on to suffer low phosphate levels, you may be eligible for compensation, and we’re here to help with that.

Are you looking for an Injectafer class action lawsuit attorney? Please call us NOW at (773) 673-9861 to learn more about your legal options for justice and compensation. Severe hypophosphatemia may not resolve for a long time, leaving recipients of Injectafer with permanent health complications. It is alleged that the makers of this IV iron injection may have known about this complication but chose not to inform the public, committing a litigable act. The experienced pharmaceuticals class action attorneys at McCready Law have over 90 YEARS of combined legal experience that we’d love to put to work for you so we can resolve your Injectafer lawsuit. what sets us apart from other law firms is the fact that we have extensive experience litigating claims, as evidenced by the over 70 cases we’ve taken to trial and won on behalf of our clients. In addition to having a bilingual staff (hablamos Espanol), we also ensure that every cases is personally handled by an experienced attorney, and not a paralegal. Lastly, all Injectafer lawsuits are taken in on contingency fee basis, which means that there are NO UPRONT FEES whatsoever during the processing of your claim, as we only recover our fees after we’ve recovered your compensation. Regardless of where you currently are in the country, we can help you file your Injectafer side-effects lawsuit: simply call us NOW at (773) 673-9861 for more information; the call is 100% FREE!

Some of the most common symptoms of anemia are:

  1. Fatigue of unknown origin
  2. Pale skin
  3. Dizziness or vertigo
  4. Severe headaches
  5. Arrhythmia or irregular heartbeat
  6. Weak and brittle nails
  7. Cold extremities
  8. Having to catch one’s breath numerous times

Iron is needed for the production of hemoglobin, without which you may not be able to properly oxygenate all your cells and body systems. Hemoglobin is made by your red blood cells, which relies on iron from either plant-based foods or animal meat for its production.

How Does Injectafer Work?

Injectafer attempts to normalize low iron levels. The injection is usually performed by your healthcare provider as they see fit, typically once a month or as needed. Injectafer contains the active ingredient ferric carboxymaltose, or FCM in short which replaces and replenishes iron stores in your body. The injection is done in a slow release fashion, and you may need to attend several medical appointments for the same so as to prevent you from having an adverse reaction from the medication.

Unfortunately, the administration of iron has the unintended effect of lowering phosphate in the body, which it needs for the formation of bones as well as to stabilize brain neurons and other mental processes.

Here are some of the signs of hypophosphatemia:

  1. Seizures
  2. Confusion or delirium
  3. Coma
  4. Irritability or anger
  5. Fatigue
  6. Heart attack
  7. Osteomalacia or bone weakening
  8. The breakdown of the body’s muscles
  9. Bone breakage

Injectafer Safety Studies

Multiple studies have shown that Injectafer may promote low phosphate levels in the blood, putting people’s lives at risk. One such study which was published back in February showed that over 70 percent of all individuals who were injected with Injectafer developed HPP compared to only 8 percent in individuals who took the blood-building infusion medication Monoferric. In addition, a 2018 study showed that hypophosphatemia was common in over 50 percent of individuals treated with Injectafer

Injectafer is currently being made, designed or developed by the following companies:

  1. Daiichi Sankyo Group
  2. American Regent Inc.
  3. Vifor Pharmaceuticals Management
  4. Luitpold Pharmaceuticals Inc.

Injectafer Lawsuits – What’s The Update?

Cases that have currently been consolidated to await an Injectafer class action lawsuit make mention of bone fractures, respiratory arrest, cardiac failure, seizure, bone softening and muscle breakdown as some of the most common complaints. By failing to inform the public about these complications, these companies have opened themselves up to litigation that would allow people like you to file a lawsuit in order to recover money damages for your injuries and so much more.

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If you were given Injectafer infusions and developed any of the complications we have mentioned in this post, you may be able to sue for a number of damages such as the cost of present and future medical care, pain and suffering, lost wages, loss of consortium, mental anguish, wrongful death if a loved one died, and so much more. The experienced drug injury lawyers at McCready Law are ready to help you file your claim so you can get compensated.  Please call us NOW at (773) 673-9861 to speak with an experienced drug injury attorney. It is important to file as soon as possible so we can begin investigations in a timely manner as well as have enough time to consolidate all your medical documents in one place. By filing, you’ll also be helping spread awareness so that the same doesn’t happen to other people who may be considering Injectafer infusions. Thanks for choosing us, and we look forward to helping you.