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Whether you’re a vegan or meat eater, we can all agree on one thing – there’s nothing more heavenly than a bite into a slick of thick and cheesy pizza with one’s favorite toppings. This is something that is evident as seen by the massive success of Pizza restaurant chains such as Pizza Hut. With over 5,000 outlets around the world, Pizza Hut seems intent on world domination. This fast-food restaurant chain focuses on cheap and fast meals for individuals that just don’t have the time to sit down to enjoy a full-course or traditional meal. However, with the convenience of Pizza Hut comes a real and present danger, and that is injury at a Pizza Hut premises. With the amount of foot traffic these restaurants receive on a daily basis, employees may be stretched to capacity and may not have the focus and attention they need to make sure that customers are served in a safe environment. That said, there should be no excuses when it comes to your personal safety, and Pizza Hut, just like all other commercial businesses is bound by premises liability law which states that should you get injured at one of their branches, they will be held responsible and make you eligible for substantial compensation, something we can help you with.

Are you looking for a best Pizza Hut injury attorney? The experienced fast-food restaurant injury lawyers have over 90 YEARS of combined legal experience that we’d love to put to work on your case. Please call us NOW at (773) 825-3651 to learn more about your legal options for justice and compensation. We work on contingency fee basis, and what this simply means is that we won’t charge you a CENT when we initially take on your case, and we’ll work on your Pizza Hut injury lawsuit all the way through, and only levy our fees when we’ve recovered substantial compensation on your behalf. Wherever you are in the country, we can help: please call us NOW at (773) 825-3651 to learn more about your legal options for compensation. The call is ABSOLUTELY FREE, and there’s no legal obligation if you don’t like what you hear.

Here are some of the safety hazards and risks present at Pizza Hut restaurants:

  1. Workers leaving spilled liquids and condiments on the floor, leading to slip and falls
  2. Failure to put out warning signs on areas that are being mopped, cleaned or waxed.
  3. Failure to clean or sweep away snow, rain or hail outside Pizza Hut entrances causing falls
  4. Failure to provide adequate security at the parking lot or inside the restaurants
  5. Serving hot liquids and foods without warning customers before handing them their order
  6. Using expired meats and other toppings, leading to outbreaks of salmonella or listeria

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When filing a Pizza Hut injury lawsuit, it is important to understand evidence will carry the day and be the determining factor on whether or not you win your case. To this end, make sure you take copious photos and video footage of the injury scene as well as the contact information and signed statements of any witnesses. In addition, you want to make sure to record the accident with Pizza Hut management but be factual and curt, and refuse to answer any questions before speaking with an injury attorney. After all’s said and done, you want to reach out to our experienced Pizza Hut injury attorneys regardless of where you are in the country so we can give you an accurate figure regarding what your injury claim is worth. Please call us NOW at (773) 825-3651 to learn more. Thanks, and we look forward to helping you.