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If you’re struggling financially, you may want to visit a thrift store in order to get great deals, or antiques, if you’re looking for one-of-a-kind pieces that can never be found in a modern store. Thrift or goodwill stores usually accept second hand items from people who are looking to offload what they have for whatever reason in order to help the less fortunate. Thrift stores are usually filled to the rafters will all manner of items such as carpets, couches, cutlery, toys, games, home improvement implements and so much more, meaning that you just might find what you are looking for. Under premises liability law, the owner of a business premises is supposed to offer you a reasonably safe environment in which you can conduct business, also known as duty of care. Should they breach said duty of care by acting in a negligent manner when it comes to keeping you safe, resulting in you suffering injuries, they may be liable for your injuries by way of a premises liability legal claim, and we’re here to help with that.

Are you looking for a best thrift store injury attorney? Please call us NOW at (773) 825-3651 to learn more about your legal options for justice and compensation. The experienced department store injury lawyers at McCready Law have over 90 YEARS of experience where we’ve helped hundreds of people just like you get compensated for their injuries after being hurt by the negligent actions of individuals or large corporations. One of the best reasons why you should choose us is due to the fact that we are not afraid to litigate, as seen by the over 70 cases we’ve taken to court and won. This is important as it is only through litigation that you will get the best legal outcome and the highest compensation amounts for cases where there is a lot at stake. In addition to having a bilingual staff (hablamos Espanol), we take on all cases on contingency fee basis, and what this means is that there are NO UPFRONT FEES whatsoever during any point in the processing of your claim. Regardless of where you are in the country at the moment, we can help you with your claim: simply call us NOW at (773) 825-3651 to learn more; the call and consultation are ABSOLUTELY FREE!

Here are some of the hazards that may lead to injury at a thrift store:

  1. You may get cut by a shard of glass while rummaging through a thrift store goods bin
  2. You may slip and fall on water left on the floor by cleaning crew
  3. You may get attacked by transients in or outside the store due to inadequate security
  4. You may trip and fall at the parking store due to potholes and poorly maintained sidewalk
  5. You may get your shoe caught in their poorly maintained carpet or tiling and fall

Experienced Thrift Store Injury Attorneys – Call Us NOW!

It is important to understand that injury cases are heavily dependent on evidence, and there’s no better evidence like medical evidence. To this end, it is important that you go to the ER and get yourself checked out as this will play a large role in the determination of your compensation. Want to learn more? Please call us NOW at (773) 825-3651  to speak with one of our experienced thrift store injury attorneys. Thanks, and we look forward to helping you.