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If you’re looking for affordably priced groceries and don’t feel like paying a fortune at the local Whole Foods, then Trader Joe’s is the place for you. With over 500 stores nationwide, you can be sure that there is a local Trader Joe’s within a driving distance. Trader Joe’s prides itself in being able to offer healthy and fresh groceries, home items and other personal care items that people just can’t live without. As of 2015, Trader’s Joe’s profits had reached an astounding $15 billion per year, and its commitment to growing its brand has been shown via the multitude of adverts they post every day on local stations. The average Trader Joe’s is massive, and this is how they are able to offer items at such low prices, all at a central location. However, it is due to this very size of the average Trader Joe’s that it may not be possible to keep an eye out for every spill and aisle emergency. This makes the supermarket chain one of the most prone with regard to injuries which are in essence preventable if one follows a certain duty of care as laid out by the law. If you’ve been injured at a local Trader Joe’s, you can count on us to help you get the justice and compensation you duly deserve.

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Here are some of the real injury risks associated with Trader Joe’s stores:

  1. Spilled over sodas from customers mishandling products
  2. Failure by workers to properly and carefully arrange products, sending them tumbling down
  3. Poorly maintained tarmac at the parking lot causing people to trip and fall
  4. Lack of proper lighting on the way to the restrooms
  5. Lack of signage to designate an unsafe area under repair or construction

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It is important to note that Trader Joe’s workers and management owe you something called duty of care, which is part of premises liability law which states that customers accessing a business premises are entitled to a level of safety which can be achieved via the store making sure that all safety hazards are mitigated and that spills or defects are rectified in a timely manner. If your local Trader Joe’s acted in a negligent manner, thereby causing your injuries, you may be entitled to money damage such as pain and suffering, past and future medical bills, and so much more. Please call us NOW at (773) 825-3547 to learn more about your legal options after getting hurt at a local Trader Joe’s. Thanks, and we look forward to helping you.