Federal Disability Retirement and Interim Payments

Once your application for federal disability is approved, you’ll begin a long waiting period before you start to officially receive compensation from the federal government. This is a time of uncertainty for most people because they don’t want to dip into their savings, nor do they know what to do to expedite the whole process as first-time applicants. Thankfully, OWCP has instituted something called interim payments to help tide you over until a time when your official benefits kick in.

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What are Interim Payments?

Interim payments have to be approved by OPM, or the Office of Personnel Management. These are usually 80 percent of what you would typically expect to get as benefits, minus a few costs here and there such as social security deductions and administrative fees.

Interim payments usually kick in a few weeks after you’ve submitted your federal disability retirement forms. You should expect them to continue for at least 6 weeks to 6 months while your papers are being processed.

Interim Payments – What to Do About Overpayments

A lot of the time, you may receive more than you’d expect as interim payments. Many people won’t think anything of this, and will most likely spend the money on their upkeep. However, OPM will eventually catch on to their mistake and institute a payback system by the garnishing of future benefits in order to recover their monies.

Federal Disability Retirement Legal Help

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