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There exists legislation which makes it possible for you to file for compensation should you get injured as a postal worker and want to retire from active duty as you heal. Federal disability retirement is a good idea for individuals who may have suffered a permanent injury or one which will make it impossible for them to perform certain vital work duties.

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Qualifying for Federal Disability Retirement

Injured federal workers have their compensation rights protected thanks to the Federal Employees Retirement System, or FERS. This is a program which eclipsed the Civil Service Retirement System in 1987, but the latter is still operational for injured postal workers who applied and qualified for federal disability retirement prior to 1987. In order to qualify for compensation or benefits, you must have 18 months under your belt working for the federal government, or, if you’re part of CSRS, five years.

In addition, and perhaps the most important aspect of your claim, is that you must have suffered a mental or physical injury or trauma that stops you from performing useful and efficient service.  Next, your disability should last at the very least, a year from the date of your federal disability retirement application filing. Last, but not least, your federal employer must state that despite them trying to find a job position for you at the same pay grade, they were unable to find something that would make it possible for you to continue working.

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