Federal Disability Retirement Vs. Federal Workers’ Compensation – Key Differences

Injured federal workers are able to claim compensation under two programs: federal workers’ compensation and federal disability retirement. If you’re new to this, you may be wondering which suits you best and which one is ideal for you in the long run. The reality is that both pay out benefits in the event that you suffer a disabling injury that makes it impossible for you to carry out your work duties in an efficient manner. That, however, is the only thing that these two federal workers’ compensation programs have in common, in ways that we’ll expound on in this post.

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A Summary on Federal Workers’ Compensation

Injured federal workers are best served by federal workers’ compensation which is administered by Claims Examiners at the Office of Workers’ Compensation Programs, or OWCP. This usually is done to help you with your medical bills and day-to-day financial needs to a certain point, which is when you reach maximum medical improvement or the resolution of your injuries as decreed by an OWCP doctor. In this program, you can receive continuation of pay benefits, schedule award, medical bills assistance as well as wage loss.

Federal Disability Retirement Details

OPM, or the Office of Personnel Management is responsible for the receipt of claims and disbursement of funds for individuals who suffer disabling injuries as federal workers. This also applies to those who experience the aggravation of an occupational disease or the development of one which makes it impossible to carry out essential duties as a federal worker. It is important to understand that you will receive an annuity payment until you reach the age of 62 after which new calculations will be made. It is important to realize that you can work while on federal disability retirement, as long as your wages do not go over 80 percent of what you used to make while you were working for the federal government.

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It’s important to realize that it IS possible to apply and become approved for both of these federal workers’ compensation programs. However, you will not be able to receive these benefits concurrently. You will also need to have a compelling medical report that leaves no room for doubt by your Claims Examiner, and also fill all compensation forms in a timely manner. Need to talk to someone about your options as an injured federal worker? Please contact us NOW at (773) 825-3547to learn more about your legal options for compensation. We look forward to helping you.