Federal Worker OWCP claims for Coronavirus Exposure – Start Here

While the coronavirus pandemic numbers show signs of slowing down, certain segments of the population continue to stay on high alert. Federal workers such as those working for the USPS may be considered as high risk individuals due to their coming into contact with not only contaminated packages but sick clients, putting them top on the list of individuals likely to catch COVID19. To this end, the government via OPM and under OWCP has made it possible for individuals who tested positive while carrying out work duties to receive compensation due to occupational exposure.

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According to new information from OWCP, you may be able to file for continuation of pay for covid19 if you are a federal worker that was exposed to the virus and received a positive COVID19 laboratory report. This entitles you to your salary for up to 45 days after your date of exposure. That being said, the federal agency will only accept your claim if you filed it within 30 days of diagnosis or becoming aware that you contracted the coronavirus.

Here are some of the federal workers at high risk of coronavirus exposure:

  • Law enforcement
  • Those working in hospitals
  • First responders

Compensation for Postal Workers Exposed to Coronavirus

It is important to note that the directive issued by the federal government at the beginning of this year did not identify postal workers as high risk individuals. That being said, proving that one’s work is high risk because it puts them in contact with the public on a daily basis and showing direct causation between the performance of a specific work duty and the subsequent diagnosis of coronavirus may be what’s needed to qualify for continuation of pay or COP for federal workers diagnosed with coronavirus.

Continuation of Pay for Federal Workers with Coronavirus

When it comes to COP for coronavirus cases, time is of the essence. Contact us with your CA-1 form that can be downloaded from Ecomp online and we’ll take you through how to fill in the form. In addition, you can download form CA-16 which will make OWCP pay for your treatment retroactively for a period of 2 months when your claim for occupational exposure to coronavirus is accepted.

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In addition to the necessary forms, OWCP requires that you provide a written statement detailing the forms and extent of the exposure to verify your claim. It must also show how you were probably infected, as well as a medical report confirming a positive coronavirus test. If you’d like help with filing a COVID19 claim for compensation as a federal worker, we’d love to help: simply call us NOW at (773) 823-0298 to speak with one of our experienced and friendly federal workers’ compensation for coronavirus exposure attorneys. Thanks, and we look forward to helping you.