Federal Workers’ Compensation and Pre-Existing Injuries

Whether you’re an office clerk at a federal agency or a field officer doing rounds on a daily basis, an injury is something that can affect you in the same manner as any other person. Long hours and heavy workloads are things that federal workers have to contend with. Due to the imperfect nature of the world, it’s possible to gain employment in a federal agency with a pre-existing health condition. The federal government doesn’t discriminate, and welcomes all qualified candidates with open arms. However, what happens when you suffer an aggravation of your injuries while on duty, requiring medical treatment?

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Types of Pre-Existing Injuries for Federal Workers’ Compensation

Most pre-existing conditions usually involve injuries that have to do with the knee, back, shoulders and the neck. That being said, the law states that you can’t seek compensation for these conditions unless they were aggravated by work duty performance. That is to say, you’ll only be compensated for the worsening of your condition and not the pre-existing one.

The federal government requires you to declare any injury prior to employment in your forms. In addition, you can seek benefits for the down time you incur as a result of the aggravation of your injuries.

Upon work resumption, it is important that you let your employer know about the state of your injury. They should be able to accommodate you and lessen your work load as well do anything to help not aggravate your injuries further. If your injuries are so severe that you can’t work in that particular department, you’ll be reassigned or asked to step down pending an assessment of your situation.

Why Medical Evidence Is Important

Medical evidence is very important when it comes to seeking compensation for federal workers’ compensation. This should be objective and detailed, and medical exams and the dispensing of treatment should be done by doctors who have preferably treated injured federal workers in the past. In addition, you stand a much better chance of getting compensated if you reported your injuries in a timely manner, and if you filled all the forms required of you fully.

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