Federal Workers’ Compensation Lawyer in Philadelphia

As an injured federal worker, you are entitled to compensation should you sustain an on-the-job injury thanks to legislation laid down in 1916 known as the Federal Employees’ Compensation Act. All injured workers performing duties for the federal government are covered, and they qualify for compensation which will include things like rehabilitation, hospital treatment costs, lost wages to a certain level and even retirement benefits if their injuries are so severe that they cannot continue working.

Are you looking for an OWCP lawyer in Philadelphia? Federal workers’ compensation law is the same in all states across the country; for this reason, you can and should take on an experienced injured federal worker lawyer and not rely on their proximity to your location. Don’t get put on a waiting list by in-state lawyers; call our always available federal workers’ compensation attorneys serving federal workers in Philadelphia NOW at 1-855-233-3002 for more information on the true value of your claim.

Medical Evidence and Federal Workers’ Compensation

Federal workers’ compensation claims rely heavily on evidence. This is because the evidence you present will inform how much you will receive as compensation depending on the body part that sustained injury. Injured federal workers in Philadelphia usually don’t know where to start if they don’t have experience with OWCP. A lot of individuals just like you end up on internet forums trying to get legal help which is not only wasteful with regard to time, but can be harmful as the person offering advice may not know your exact circumstances. If you need to have a medical assessment done, leave it to us to help you find an OWCP-conversant physician who will write a fair and objective report which will ensure that you get the compensation you deserve, commensurate with your injuries.

Some of the requirements you must fulfill in order to qualify for federal workers’ compensation include:

  • You must be a federal workers as decreed by the federal government
  • You must have suffered an injury while performing a work duty
  • You must file within 2 weeks of the discovery of your injuries
  • There must be a causative link between your injury and the work duty that caused it.

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